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The Allure of Settlement

The Settlement Machine:  The financial and professional incentives for criminal defense attorneys to "churn and burn" clients into the "settlement machine" appear very difficult for some attorneys to resist.  This is especially true if you have pre-paid your attorney a flat retainer fee (vs. hourly compensation) that a) he keeps irrespective of his hours worked on the case and b) provides no further payment if the case deepens into lengthy, owed-to-you pre-trial motions and related hearings (e.g., evidence suppression), and then into a potentially lengthy trial itself.  Attorneys will tell you how much they hate being in trial in that being there keeps them away from other current and prospective clients.

To the contrary, premature, pre-trial settlements lead to your attorney's avoidance of doing the heavy lifting underlying various pre-trial motions and hearings, preparing properly and thoroughly for the trial, and defending you at the trial itself.  In addition and quite importantly, settling out an evidently innocent defendant allows your defense attorney to garner favor with the District Attorney.  The DA shall have accomplished the goal of putting the wrongly accused through pain and suffering without having to prepare for and prosecute a case that is destined for acquittal.

Should You Hire a Proven "Street Fighter?"  Achieving settlement reduces the risk and expense of going to trial.  The matter would appear to be behind you, allowing life to proceed.  However, if you settle, your false accuser and others forever shall be able to paint you as guilty since you never were exonerated.  Moreover, given that neither your false accuser or misguided DA shall have endured any trial-related hardship of their own, what deterrent do they (or others) have to doing it all over again?   Therefore, hiring a lawyer with a track record for exhaustive pretrial motioning and taking cases to trial may be the best long-term course of action.  This is especially true in the case of an innocent defendant being maliciously prosecuted.  District Attorneys know which defense attorneys avoid pre-trial hearings/motions and trials themselves.   The DA shall know if your defense attorney's business model is based on churning as many clients quickly and quietly through the settlement machine.  Therefore, the DA can foresee that filing invalid charges against you has a high probability of your being forced into an unfair, pre-trial conditional settlement.  As an innocent defendant, you deserve unconditional (no community service, etc.) dismissal accomplished by a hard working attorney maximizing pre-trial motions/hearings (e.g., demurrers, motions to exclude evidence).  At a minimum, it should be obvious to the DA that your attorney shall obtain your acquittal after a lengthy, costly (to-DA's office) trial when the jury sees right through the DA's transparently unfounded case.  For an example of a fighting (vs. settling) criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles County, please click here.

The DA Rewards Attorneys Who Settle:  Having to prepare responses to detailed defense briefs and then argue at pre-trial hearings adds to the over-burdened DA's workload.  Preparing and going to trial also may involve a great amount of work if the DA's not going to "wing it."  For this reason, DA's love defense attorneys who pursue pre-trial settlements.  The DA's dream counterparty is the defense attorney who pushes his client into a "diversion" program soon after baseless or weak charges are filed.  The DA's office, who is going to deal with your attorney repeatedly over the years, shall remember which defense attorneys made the DA's life harder, and those who made it easier by settling before the heavy lifting began.  In future cases involving other clients, the DA shall punish fighter-lawyers and reward settling ones.  Avoid hiring an attorney who inappropriately shall pursue settling your case, again in part to gain favor with the DA's office.  To be clear, this is a favor that shall benefit a different client of your attorney down the road - not you.

As a matter of emphasis, it must be repeated that the DA shall know of your weak defense attorney's reputation for eschewing "tough fights" in favor of cutting deals before the hard work kicks in.  This tremendously reduces the odds of the outcome you deserve:  the DA "folds its bad hand" through unconditional pre-trial dismissal, or perhaps to not even bring charges in the first place.

Your lawyer may ignore your explicit instructions vis-à-vis your disinterest in a conditional settlement of the baseless, unsubstantiated case brought against you.  Indeed, you would be appalled to learn that your attorney may engage in various acts actually to deceive and then pressure you into a premature, poorly-negotiated settlement.  Again, the incentives for this misconduct are material:  your lawyer avoids the hard work he loathes (lengthy, time-consuming pre-trial motions and hearings, trial preparation and the trial itself) while currying favor with the District Attorney's office with whom he shall be wheeling and dealing long after he has gotten rid of your case.

Attorney Misconduct:  Your defense attorney is required by the state Bar association to put your interests first, ahead of his own.  Attorney misconduct includes making false or misleading statements, and failing to disclose all relevant facts.  The California Bar's Rule 8.4 explicitly states that "it is professional misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or reckless or intentional misrepresentation."  An example of such proscribed misconduct would be what South Bay (Torrance, California) defense attorney Pat Carey did in early 2019.  South Bay defense attorney Pat Carey unquestionably attempted (but failed to) defraud his client into a premature settlement by falsifying an E-mail from the District Attorney while repeatedly and intentionally misrepresenting the circumstances underlying a settlement offer (see J. Patrick Carey information at bottom of page).  Such misconduct may lead to an attorney being suspended from the Bar, if not disbarred altogether for egregiously unethical conduct. Despite these consequences, it is naïve to assume that your lawyer shall behave properly, especially since nearly all of his actions are occurring out of his client's view.

Click here for information on filing a complaint against your California-licensed attorney.


Prosecutor's Impunity:
Win/Win Outcome

Though difficult to believe, an incompetent or corrupt District Attorney can and shall a) ignore exculpatory evidence and/or b) not ignore untrustworthy, credibility-lacking biased witnesses/accusers before and after filing false charges against you.  The reason? This type of DA cares not so much about applying the law to the facts but instead on serving social justice as she sees fit.

Contrary to what you've watched on Law & Order, more often that not the District Attorney doesn't truly suffer in the event of an acquittal of your case.  No matter the outcome, the DA comes out a winner.  The DA is getting paid to prosecute you while you are paying your attorney for defense.  Tragically, indirectly with your taxes you are paying the DA to maliciously prosecute you.

Conviction:  Though unlikely, a judge or jury may determine that despite insufficient evidence and non-existent/non-credible witnesses, you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  In this case, the District Attorney obviously won.  Driving this scenario often is a DA playing to a popular current social bias that blinded justice.  In this event, you cannot legitimately claim malicious prosecution since you did not obtain dismissal or acquittal.

Acquittal: Even though this is the worst of all outcomes for the prosecutor, the DA still wins.  Yes, by not agreeing to a plea or conditional dismissal settlement, you forced the DA to do real work in their maliciously brought case:  contest pre-trial motions, prepare for trial and argue their weak, losing case at trial.  However, the DA isn't spending their own money - it is taxpayer money being spent.  Since the DA predetermined you to be the "bad guy," and the perjuring "victim" the "righteous one," they may feel they got their money's worth by putting you through the pain and suffering of being a criminal defendant.  Furthermore, forever you shall be someone who was charged of a crime, irrespective of your proven innocence.

Pre-trial Plea or Settlement:  In a maliciously brought case, this is the DA's dream outcome.  The DA takes a pound of your flesh through a conditional plea or settlement, with you having either a lesser criminal record or the disgrace of community service and/or counseling.  Often, the prosecutor's trial preparation only begins in earnest right before the trial is to begin.  Thus, the DA will have spent little time and resources toward the prosecution.  It's possible that the DA put less than an hour into your case to file the false charges and show up at the courthouse a few times (arraignment and perhaps one more).  If your lawyer is focused on delivering his innocent client on a silver platter in this fashion, you selected the wrong attorney.

Invalid Reasons District Attorneys
Charge Innocent Defendants

Legally, the State must decline to file charges against you unless credible, reliable, legally-obtained evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed an actual illegal act (a "crime").  "Beyond a reasonable doubt" means there is no other reasonable explanation for the incident's occurrence or the defendant's intent - the solid evidence only points to one reasonable source and an intent to break the law.  "Crime" means a violation of a penal code (i.e., not something that the DA simply finds offensive). Essentially, the District Attorney is charged with applying the law to the provable facts of the case.  Charges may be brought only if those facts exhibit guilt such that no alternative circumstance reasonably can explain your actions vis-à-vis the alleged crime.

If either:

a) the DA cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally committed the acts alleged to be criminal; or
b) the acts you allegedly committed do not violate a particular law,

no charges should be brought. Period. End of discussion.

Elicia Stoller's Apparent Prosecutorial Misconduct:  Torrance, California based DDA Elicia Stoller violated not one but both of these requirements in her failed prosecution of's founder.  In every single count, the act allegedly committed did not violate any law and/or credible evidence (including false accuser's own video recording) proved innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.  In fact, the California Court of Appeal unanimously ruled that's founder never had violated any law in the first place - a documented assertion by the Victim that itself provided reasonable doubt that should have precluded Elicia Stoller's apparently malicious prosecution in the first place.  Evidence of the defendant's innocence (see photo for just one of many examples), the false accuser being a repeat perjurer whose behavior belied her false statements, the false accuser's allegations materially contradicting those of her own husband, and the defendant's alleged acts being perfectly legal mattered little to Elicia Stoller.  Stoller plowed ahead for a year and a half until the higher court shut her down, delivering a harsh defeat to the false accuser and her husband.

Elicia Stoller Plays by Her Own Rules:  District Attorneys like California DDA Elicia Stoller and her boss AHD Alva Lin would appear to maliciously prosecute innocent people without much hesitation if they, using their own world/political/social views, deem the victim of their misconduct worthy of punishment.  Charges are brought despite one or both of the requisite conditions above being absent.  Essentially, prosecutors such as Elicia Stoller neglect their sworn oath to fairness by snubbing the longstanding rules of criminal justice.  Those rules, at their Constitutional core, require the DA/DDA to weigh all the evidence for substantiality and credibility.  Only then should an ethical DA/DDA determine if reasonable doubt exists. Instead, those in Elicia Stoller's unethical, misguided class reverse engineer justice, predetermining to bring charges and then working with corrupt law enforcement officers to squeeze non-credible, uncorroborated evidence and testimony into the prosecutorial pigeonhole of their choosing.

"Why would anyone do something so unethical?" you ask. The following, all relating to the District Attorney misconducting herself by playing favorites, are some of those reasons:

  1. Defendant Has Been Maligned:  District Attorney has been misinformed by one or more of your unethical adversaries that you are a "bad guy" who deserves to be "taught a lesson."  Your perfectly legal behavior (related or unrelated to the case) is gauged unacceptable by the DA's liberal moral compass. The DA refers to such a case brought without probable cause (that it can proven beyond a reasonable doubt) as a "deterrent." This kind of case is illegal; the DA has sworn an oath not to bring any criminal charge that it doesn't reasonably believe can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  However, since the DA operates with impunity, prosecutors do this all day long.  In the case depicted on's Back Story page, liberal decision makers (AHD Alva Lin, Elicia Stoller) in the Torrance, California District Attorney's office were deceived into believing provably false allegations regarding the Victim's character, political and social views, and past behavior relating to when he was single.
  2. District Attorney Alliance with Defendant Adversary:  DA owes favor to or has a pre-existing relationship with one/more of your community opponents (e.g., local government, local police department, etc.), and you happen to live on the wrong side of the political tracks.  In the case depicted on's Back Story page, AHD Alva Lin reportedly lived in and supported the same small town's government and police department that had been the target of the Victim's persistent, harsh criticism.
  3. Defendant Falsely Accused of Other Uncharged Crimes:  DA has been misinformed by one or more of your unethical adversaries, without any probable cause or evidence, that you committed other acts deemed criminal, but properly didn't bring charges due to insufficient evidence.  Thus, the bringing of charges in the current case is intended to make up for what the DA believes you "got away with" in the past.  In the case depicted on's Back Story page, the false accuser and her co-conspirators made numerous, unsubstantiated accusations of vandalism.
  4. District Attorney Malice Toward Your Attorney:  DA wants to give payback to your attorney, whose past deportment (e.g., aggressive defense of other defendants) was disfavored by the DA.  This is a rare reason for DA's malicious prosecution, but is a common reason most criminal defense attorneys live in fear of upsetting their legal adversaries in the DA's office.  In the case depicted on's Back Story page, defense attorney J. Patrick Carey's separation from working as a DDA under Torrance, California AHD Alva Lin reportedly occurred under contentious circumstances.  In this regard, Pat Carey concerned his client when making disparaging comments about Torrance, Calfornia DDA Elicia Stoller, AHD Alva Lin and her boss, HD Irene Wakabayashi.  South Bay defense lawyer Patrick Carey, a self-styled "chameleon," derided all three women while behaving shamelessly obsequious if communicating with one of them. strongly encourages anyone considering the retention of South Bay Los Angeles defense lawyer Pat Carey for criminal defense to contemplate very seriously this potentially life-changing decision.  Pat Carey was caught by a client engaging in misconduct, including altering an E-mail from the Deputy District Attorney apparently in order to deceive his client into accepting an unfavorable, inappropriate and premature settlement deal.  Lawyer Pat Carey secretly had crafted and pursued the deal, but misrepresented it as being a surprise offer from the DDA.  Report to California Bar Association currently under consideration.

See's Back Story and Justice for All pages for information regarding Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Elicia Stoller.  Whether you are guilty or even more so innocent, strongly encourages any criminal defendant to be aware that evidence exists Ms. Stoller has ignored exculpatory evidence in determining to bring and sustain charges against an innocent defendant.  Elicia Stoller also brought multiple charges against a defendant for actions that were clearly legal (mandatory mailing of a notice of appeal, and E-mailing of legal information to a social media site administrator, specifically intended as legally permissible self-defense, following the defendant's accuser publicly maligning the defendant in violation of the site's membership agreement). For details, click here and see Pages 5 & 6 footnotes.

27 thoughts on “Lawyers”

    • In’s view, as unethical and potentially harmful was falsifying the DDA’s E-mail and making materially false statements to his client (apparently to deceive him into an unattractive, unnecessary and premature settlement out of Carey’s desire to avoid prospectively sizable, further-uncompensated workload), the California Bar would/shall not disbar Pat Carey. That dire consequence typically is reserved for far more serious acts such as theft of client’s assets. It is more likely that Carey would/shall receive a short suspension or warning.

  • I’m tossing and turning over the investigation I just found out about. I need an attorney now. How do I make sure I don’t hire the wrong one? I haven’t done anything wrong. But I am scared I’ll get a guy like your attorney and get settled in a raw deal.

    • You are not paranoid in terms of being worried. Finding a lawyer who purely and entirely has your back is not easy. I suggest going to the courthouse where your case is being handled and sit in the courtroom to see lawyers “try out for the job.” Get their business cards and then interview them in person. In all cases, you’ll never know what shenanigans your attorney is up to behind your back. In my case, I suspect what I learned (about the unauthorized, secret settlement my lawyer pursued apparently to eliminate a ton of pre-trial and trial work he had ahead of him) is the tip of the dirty iceberg.

  • Looks like the tide is turning against prosecutorial misconduct from the likes of higher-intelligence and success versions of Elicia Stoller

    A Bad Day for Bad Prosecutions

    Making up fake crimes to play politics or social justice is a sport whose day soon shall be over. Then what will unethical lawyers like Stoller find to fill their day? Perhaps going after REAL criminals – say, like someone who forged prescriptions for 1000s of drugs and stole drugs from a hospital where she worked.

    • Your comparison of the corrupt federal prosecutors in the FBI/Mueller misconduct and Elicia Stoller of the Torrance, California District Attorney’s office is not off base. Elicia Stoller truly fabricated crimes out of perfectly legitimate, legal behavior in order to play social justice warrior. Similar to the Flynn case with Mueller, Stoller also withheld evidence (Cindy Dunbar’s email directly to Stoller’s boss) and ignored clearly exculpatory evidence that made it easy to prove innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. Click here and see Pages 5 & 6 footnotes. In the end, the deepest blame for the entire Cindy Dunbar farce lies with the person who didn’t put an immediate end to it when presented: Elicia Stoller

  • I love this website. Whoever put it up, we all owe you a lot of gratitude. District Attorneys are literally out of control. Here in Chicago, it’s maybe worse than Cali. These prosecutors do not care at all if they have reliable, credible, incriminating evidence. They don’t care if there is evidence supporting innocence. They are going after people for political reasons, or for SJW reasons. That stands for social justice warrior. The DDA in this case named Elicia Stoller should be fired. I read the footnotes on the letter Jeff Lewis, Esq. sent to her. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Cindy Dunbar’s own video system showed someone driving down street with hand on window frame, and in two of three reported instances was clearly the INDEX finger, and the other time was fuzzy, and couldn’t identify the car, driver or anything else? A charge for mailing the required notice of appeal of the order that was ruled illegal? That was a charge? The other two were equally absurd. Taxpayers funded Cindy Dunbar’s failed jihad. Incredible.

    • Chicago – thank you for the kind words. I encourage you to take a look at what has occurred this month relating to the government’s decision to dismiss preposterous charges against the former U.S. NSA Director Mike Flynn.

      There is a surprisingly strong comparison, though on a much smaller scale, between how the PVEPD as investigators (Russell Venegas, Steve Barber, Luke Hellinga, and others) and Torrance District Attorney’s office (DDA Elicia Stoller) as prosecutors behaved and how the FBI investigators and DOJ’s prosecutors behaved in the Flynn case now exposed as fraught with misconduct. in both cases, the investigators were egregiously biased against the subject of investigation, with a goal to “nail him” vs. discover and report the facts. In both cases, the prosecutors were playing along with the investigators, essentially requesting any “evidence” that could be spun improperly into a crime, while ignoring and downplaying all exculpatory evidence. Fortunately, U.S. Attorney General Barr and his colleagues were able to obtain and display the exculpatory evidence that FBI investigators and DOJ prosecutors had been hiding from Flynn and his attorneys.

  • I just got arrested for something I did not do. I live in Denver where everyone has weed and is using it. Well not everyone, but a lot. I got charged for a drug crime that never happened. The claim is I was dealing without a license and in huge quantity. I don’t have a lawyer yet but after reading about your lawyer Pat Carey I am worried all these guys just wheel and deal for their own benefit. What should I do? Hire only someone recommended by a friend? If Pat Carey hasn’t been disbarred, everyone must be doing this.

  • Very late here in Germany. But I discovered this web site and cannot stop reading. May someone explain to me how the district attorney Elicia Stoller determined to bring charges based on the word of someone who caught during the first trial lying in relation to the precise issue that she based her petition for a restraining order on? She lied, was caught, and then someone believes her later?

    • Germany – tried to explain what causes such prosecutorial misconduct on the “Lawyers” webpage but maybe it didn’t translate well. The simple answer is that the corrupt, misconducting District Attorney doesn’t really care about the credible, substantiated facts or applying the law to any facts. Instead, Elicia Stoller becomes convinced by truly “bad people” that someone else is bad and that social justice is the task at hand, instead of legal justice. Teaching someone a social lesson – with the idea being it will deter them from doing what the DA believes is socially wrong – is the end goal. Everything that happens after setting that goal is about twisting and gnarling the facts and the law into a contorted shape that is supposed to trick a judge and jury into believing it is a legitimate case. One need not go any further than consider that Elicia Stoller tried (but failed due to Judge Johansen dismissing it) to deceive the legal system into believing that complying with the legal mandate to mail a notice of appeal was actually a crime and worthy of prosecution! If you need to go further, look at the still shot of someone driving a car with his/her index finger clearly separated from the other four fingers. Remember that Stoller received information a few months later that once again Cindy Dunbar was proven by her own video camera – as confirmed by Officer Sean Tomlins’ report – to have made the exact same false accusation. None of this led to Elicia Stoller dropping any of the charges. Having legitimate charges cannot possibly have been her mandate, or she wouldn’t have brought ANY charges in the first place. Maliciously prosecuting someone she was convinced needed a lesson taught to him must have been her only mission.

    • Izzy – thank you for your question. This has been asked repeatedly by readers of In order to answer the public’s quest to understand the series of dishonest actions by Torrance attorney Pat Carey, plans to produce a video slide show that shall elucidate the matter.

  • I can state with certainty from a position of authority as a 27-year veteran prosecutor that what I read about here on this website was astonishing. The DDA – this Elicia Stoller – should be disbarred for bringing a criminal charge vs. the defendant for his REQUIRED mailing of the notice of appeal . I do not overstate this matter. First, if the defendant had not mailed the notice of appeal, he would have violated the law and lost his ability to have the case heard by the Court of Appeal. Second, the defendant was innocent from the get-go – the CHRO (restraining order) against him was illegal. Stoller never should have brought any charges until the case was heard by the Court of Appeal, which reversed the illegal order unanimously. The defendant may not have used a competent defense lawyer as anyone decent should have obtained an agreement tolling charges until the appeal was heard.

    • The DDA Stoller should be dismissed for bringing this case. It is egregious malicious prosecution. I cannot remember ever seeing a worse example.

      • Joe – thank you for your comment. Indeed, it will be difficult for any District Deputy Attorney to outdo the prosecutorial misconduct of Elicia Stoller. She stacked preposterous charges on top of each other with a clear, but failed attempt to intimidate an innocent man into a plea agreement. Even a dishonest, duplicitous defense attorney working with her to that end couldn’t get this innocent defendant to fold. Not a chance. There is some good news recently, though. Way up the totem pole to the top of the LA DA’s office, Jackie Lacey just got voted out of office. I like to think that there is a God up there that watched my case and decided the buck stopped at the top.

    • Dom – thank you for your authoritative comments. Every attorney who has reviewed this case has opined in line with your view that Elicia Stoller engaged in malicious prosecution. Moreover, to the lawyer they marvel most over the most egregiously invalid charge that Inglewood Judge Johansen quickly tossed out during the demurrer hearing. This was the one you cited: Elicia Stoller ludicrously claiming the legally required mailing of the notice of appeal of the illegal (as agreed by Court of Appeal) restraining order violated the illegal order itself. But it is much worse than that. Every single claim by Stoller was nearly as egregiously invalid. The majority of the stacked charges were disproved by Cindy and Dan Dunbar’s own conflicting testimony and/or home surveillance video that was in Stoller’s possession. Yet, she couldn’t have cared less that the evidence supported the defendant’s INNOCENCE beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • This is the most ludicrous criminal case I’ve seen in my professional life. Anyone charged by Elicia Stoller should be very worried about her ethics.

  • The following communication was received on May 23, 2021 by

    “At the beginning of March 2020 my son was accused of rape. He was arrested at work, handcuffed and put in a cell for almost 24hrs. His phone was taken from him and was only returned to him on condition he provided the security PIN. Despite asking to call his parents he was prevented from doing so as he did not have access to his contacts. The bail conditions imposed upon him rendered him homeless and all but lost him his job.

    There followed a period of obfuscation leading to outright lies during which he was deprived of an opportunity to produce exculpatory evidence before his case was presented to the CPS and approved for crown court. It would appear that every process to advantage the prosecution and inversely hinder the defence of the accused was automatically approved and received the rubber stamp. The decisive word was RAPE. Unbelievable levels of bias seemed to be invisible to an almost entirely female sexual crimes unit at Bedford (Emerald Unit). This would be correctly characterised as moving the goalposts or The Dirty Harry syndrome. Impartiality became expendable at the prospect of securing a successfuly rape prosecution at any cost.

    His trial is set for 28th June this year at Luton Crown Court. Only at this very late stage have we managed to secure sufficient proof that his accuser is in fact a serial rape accuser, mentally unstable and a regular user of a variety of class A drugs. There were no tests conducted on her for use of drugs at any stage. Her phone was not examined until after a period of six weeks during which any incriminating evidence would have been deleted. After thirty days deleted files cannot be recovered on an iphone and interrogation is impossible.

    Our solicitors in conjunction with the appointed barrister are pressing for a Section 41 to be imposed and more.

    Who will compensate for a year and a half of constant anxiety not just to my son but to me and the family. Waking in the middle of the night to a head full of fear and doubt for the future.
    I don’t want to write further at this moment because I know that to continue will only serve to place me in a dark place of depression and anger.

    Regards.. Rob”

    • Dear Rob,

      I am so sorry to hear about your son’s unjust treatment. Unfortunately, once prosecutors are defrauded into taking the wrong road – the one against the innocent party – it is all to common for them to maintain their misguided path even when confronted with exculpatory evidence. Please keep us apprised on how things play out.’s prayers are with you.

  • To quote Kimberly Edds from the (California) Orange County district attorney’s office, “… we are bound by the ethical obligations of the law and prosecutors are prohibited from proceeding on charges they know they cannot prove.”

    Apparently, Elicia Stoller was truant for her Ethics 101 class or didn’t take seriously this part of her sworn oath.

    She should be disbarred.

  • The U.S. Justice Department today gave this answer when asked if going to bring charges in a high profile case:

    In the event of a referral, the Justice Department “will evaluate the matter based on the facts and the law,” said Bill Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.

    “will evaluate the matter based on the facts and the law,”

    This is how an ethical, legitimate legal system is supposed to work.

    Then you have corrupt prosecutors like Elicia Stoller and Alva Lin. You have ignorant and biased social justice judges like Gary Y. Tanaka. These disgraces to true, pure justice don’t care to learn and follow all laws. Instead, they play favorites with the utmost contempt for due process and fairness.

    As someone who has been a part of the Torrance court system for over a decade, I am disgusted by Tanaka and Stoller’s misconduct in this case on Back Story. If the family man they both victimized hadn’t the brains, balls and bucks to defeat them by successfully appealing to a higher life form, he could have lost his freedom.

    Shame on you, Gary.

    Shame on you, Elicia.

  • You want to see how malicious or incompetent is Elicia Stoller?

    Fmr. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is a legitimately bad guy. This is no family guy walking his son down his street having to dodge an insane neighbor in her car. Cuomo is crooked.

    Yet, prosecutors dismissed charge against him because that is what an honest prosecutor does when he or she lacks evidence.

    Stoller’s evidence in this Dunbar case proved the family guy’s INNOCENCE beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet, Stoller kept ignoring it until forced to drop her malicious pursuit by the Court of Appeal.

    Elicia Stoller is a blight upon the criminal justice system.

  • Sorry to tell the Victim on this site but your attorney Pat Carey wasn’t just dishonest.

    He was negligent and perhaps incompetent.

    He doesn’t appear to have insisted that the DA suspend any charges pending the appeal of the illegal restraining order. This is a request has a decent chance of being granted in a case like this one. Such requests hinge on arguing the appeal raises a substantial question of law or fact likely to result in the Judge Tanaka’s order being overturned.

    DDA Stoller then should have reviewed the appellate opening brief, filed before she brought charges. That brief clearly raised substantial questions of law and fact relating to Tanaka’s failure to apply the law to the true facts. The unanimous reversal is the proof in the pudding.

    Frankly, between Carey, Stoller, and Tanaka, California’s justice system looks embarrassingly bad.

    • After the horrendously unethical behavior exhibited by my Torrance-based defense attorney Pat Carey, one might expect wouldn’t come to his defense, ever. However, even though he failed to use the filed appeal brief to preclude any false charges, he tried repeatedly during this legal charade to get the preposterous charges dropped. Even if he was doing this so he could keep his pre-paid legal fees without doing more work, it still shed light on the real problem in the Torrance Courthouse (besides Gary Tanaka, of course).

      That problem was Torrance Deputy District Attorney Elicia Stoller.

      J. Patrick Carey sent Elicia Stoller a letter after corrupt Palos Verdes Estates Police Department detective Russell Venegas first contacted the Victim of Cindy and Dan Dunbar’s malicious prosecution. That letter explained the circumstances of the Victim having made an enemy of the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department by campaigning openly and vivaciously for the PVEFPD to be replaced by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department at 1/3 – 1/2 the cost (click here). Carey also explained how the Dunbars only had fabricated the claims to obtain an illegal restraining order from Judge Tanaka in retribution for the Victim obtaining first a TRO vs. Cindy Dunbar. Nothing in the letter mattered. Elicia Stoller was going to bring petty, unfounded charges against the Victim no matter what Carey wrote.

      Repeatedly after the baseless charges were brought against the Victim, Pat Carey claims to have implored Elicia Stoller to dismiss the entire case. He even showed Stoller a video that clearly exposed Dunbar Palos Verdes Estates neighborhood ally Marilyn Merrill as having lied outright to the District Attorney’s office in an effort to assist her friend Cindy Dunbar (that alone is a crime committed by Merrill; click here to watch video and read below what Merrill wrote illegally to DDA Stoller). NOTHING MATTERED. Stoller continued to ignore exculpatory evidence and evidence clearly impugning the credibility of Cindy and Dan Dunbar.

      The Victim was astounded by Stoller’s malicious pursuit of him. When asked how this could be happening, Pat Carey explained. I’ll never forget what he said, “Stoller is a chubby, lonely girl who probably doesn’t like men very much. Sometimes this works to my advantange when I flirt with her because you can imagine she doesn’t get much attention like that. But in your case, she has dug in her heels and won’t do the right thing. Nothing I do matters.”

  • Casey Olsen of Torrance is the most incompetent attorney ever to enter a courtroom. He undoubtedly screwed his client Daniel Dunbar big time.

  • I wrote on behalf of the family of Ruiz & Espinoza family on Sept 27, 2021; Tomasa “Tita” Espinoza Ruiz was killed in a fatal crash. On Del Amo Boulevard in Carson, ca, Clark Cooper, 40, Booking Number: 6379233 of long beach ca cause the accident with his reckless driving and careless life for human life. Clark Cooper will be let go on 10/11/2022. If you let Clark Cooper are judicial system has a lot of loopholes that need to be addressed; If Clark is let go, I have lost faith in the Judicial System as D.A Elicia Stoller!

    Please put a hold on his discharge! Clark Cooper need to be accountable for his actions and not put on probation and programs that he will not take seriously as a gang member on Long Beach. Please help us serve justice for a love on we have truly lost!


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